Future Trends 2018: The Rise of Digital Insurance 2.0

Our research on demographic, technology and competitive trends from 2016 through 2017 and now in 2018, shows an accelerated change in the insurance industry. Your customers, both consumers and businesses, are increasing their adoption of new technologies and participating in digital trends, creating new needs and expectations that offer new business opportunities for you – and your competitors. This scale and pace of change is creating a rapidly growing gap between Insurance 1.0, insurance based on the past 30-50 years, and Digital Insurance 2.0, the future of insurance with new buyers, products and business models.

Our research has also shown that, although most companies are aware of these changes and their importance, many still are only in the beginning stages of responding to them. How is your company responding? What about your competitors?

Participate in this webinar to get an update on the forces driving change, how the industry is responding, the impact of InsurTech, and what your peers are thinking and planning. Use this information to take action on what your company needs to do to claim its stake in our rapidly changing industry and avoid the gap of irrelevance!