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Digital Insurance 2.0: Playbooks for P&C Insurers to Win in the Digital Age

May 31, 2018

Each day we see the early signs of Digital Insurance 2.0 emerge … new products introduced, new channels established, new services offered, new business models launched, and much more.  In a “winner take all” digital world, rethinking decades-long business assumptions and traditional business models is mandatory. Survival and winning will require architecting and building a Digital Insurance 2.0 business model that will make today’s model obsolete.

Playbooks and the play calling that goes with them are critical for insurers as we rapidly shift from Insurance 1.0 to Digital Insurance 2.0.  It will provide strategic direction that fits with current or projected circumstances. When business strategists read the industry, the different market segments and demographic trends, they can apply their plays more effectively to capture new or additional market share. Those without playbooks and plays will find themselves scrambling from priority to priority, instead of confidently executing their strategies to earn the win.

Watch this webinar to get ideas to help your company build your own unique digital playbook to make the transformation to Digital Insurance 2.0.