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Capturing the Market Opportunity in Voluntary Benefits with Innovative Products

Capturing the Market Opportunity in Voluntary Benefits with Innovative Products

September 20, 2017

The disruption and changes reshaping industries and the businesses within them are creating unprecedented growth opportunities in terms of new risks, new markets, new customers, and the demand for new products and services. Uniquely, HR directors and benefit managers are at the forefront of change in the insurance industry with business/corporate and employee characteristics shifting as economic and business environments change. New technologies, demographics, behaviors, product options, and more will fuel new trends that are just starting to emerge. Many of these trends will set the stage for new insurance market expansion.

Instead of transforming the insurance business using age-old assumptions and traditional business approaches, insurers must look to reinvent the business model to operate and succeed in a new business paradigm … much like their customers are doing. Some insurers are proactively responding with new business models, channels, products and innovations to capture opportunities in multiple market segments that reflect the demographic shift of new products and services. Increasingly, HR directors and benefit managers are looking for fresh alternatives to age-old formulas that can help them through the maze of insurance needs and offerings, helping to find the right match and remain competitive for talent in a robust marketplace.

Hear about some of the new, innovative products emerging in the marketplace, how these products are rapidly being launched to capture the opportunity, and how operational teams can provide better service for these products.