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Boundless Growth through Distribution Strategies and Solutions

Boundless Growth through Distribution Strategies and Solutions

November 6, 2015

Do you have aggressive growth strategies?
Are you exploring new distribution strategies? Are your solutions inhibitors or accelerators of growth?

Are you grappling with the following challenges:

  • Using distribution management strategically to build competitive advantage.
  • Speed to market for new and alternative channels.
  • Empowering your channels through digital capabilities.
  • Managing your channels to optimize growth and success.

If you said yes to any one of these, we strongly encourage you to attend this webinar. During the webinar, hear first hand about the exciting direction Majesco is taking with distribution management and digital for the expanding channel demands.

As the industry continues to rapidly change with expanding channels insurers are adding new distributors and moving into new territories and seeking to optimize existing channels to meet new customer expectations. Insurers continue to encounter the threats of new competitors, insurer distribution strategies become underpinned by new, modern and innovative cores solutions is critical to their growth and success. During this webinar, the speakers will address these challenges and provide more information about the Majesco Distribution Management and Majesco DigitalConnect platform that helps insurers design, develop, maintain, and manage a growing array of channel relationships to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Denise Garth (Senior Vice President- Marketing, Majesco)
Monique Hesseling (Partner, Strategy Meets Action)
Nishit Shukla (Enterprise Architect, Presales, Majesco)