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SVIA Webinar: Planning 2.0 Operating Models & Transitions

COVID has accelerated the digital transformation of insurance. This includes cloud native platforms that deliver interoperability between organizations, companies, & digital ecosystems. Thought leaders discuss the digital operating models those will produce & what it takes to implement them.

SaaS & PaaS vs. Legacy Solutions: How top insurers are using technology partners to get ahead of the competition

Join Karolina Congdon, Manager of Partnerships & Alliances, Amol Naik, VP of Products at Majesco, and Jason Ennis, Enterprise Architecture Manager, at MMG to discuss how insurers can take advantage of SaaS & PaaS technology partners to stay on top of changing customer needs and ahead of their competition.

Over 60% of insurance carriers are moving at least one of their core platforms to the cloud. There is a huge opportunity for tech-savvy carriers to take advantage of SaaS & PaaS InsureTech offerings, and we’ll be discussing how carriers can make sure they’re set up for success.

Register for the webinar and learn:

  1. How the right SaaS & PaaS partners add stability where legacy [on-premise] solutions can’t
  2. Why SaaS & PaaS-based platforms can offer flexibility without breaking the bank or creating security risks
  3. What the transition from legacy [on-premise] solutions to the Cloud really looks like
  4. The characteristics carriers should be looking for in a technology partner

SVIA Webinar: Creating a Digital Core

What does it take to create a sustainable digital culture and strategy? Thought leaders discuss the need for a digital culture and strategy, what those are, and what it takes to build and sustain them.