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Leading the Way to Digital Insurance 2.0

Leading the Way to Digital Insurance 2.0

Published on October 15, 2018

Insurance has entered The Digital Age. New and emerging digital technologies and data sources are creating incredible opportunities for InsurTech startups and incumbent insurers.

Startups and Greenfields are the first generation of Digital Insurance 2.0 companies. They are flipping the Insurance 1.0 script by rewriting the rules of business, redesigning business models, redefining products and services and how they are delivered, leveraging digital technologies and embracing fresh thinking to better understand, underwrite and service customers, based on their expectations.

Growth and innovation through Greenfields, startups and InsurTech has moved to the top of mind for CEOs and Boards of nearly every insurer as they try to understand and develop strategies and plans to respond.

In this age of rapid change, companies need to be leaders, rather than fast followers or laggards to succeed. Majesco is leading the way by helping InsurTech startups, Greenfields and incumbents shift with agility, innovation and speed using our platform solutions.

Begin to make the shift to Digital Insurance 2.0 with Majesco platform solutions, and be ready for an era of growth and innovation!