Mallinath Sengupta

Executive Vice President & Head of P&C Delivery

About Mallinath

Mallinath Sengupta serves as the Executive Vice President & Head of P&C Delivery at Majesco since joining Majesco in November 2017. In his role, Mallinath is responsible for delivering client programs that meet customer expectations. Mallinath is passionate about transforming the software product delivery and implementation playbook. Mallinath is helping optimize the delivery processes for this new paradigm.

Mallinath has over 30 years of international experience. In his long career in the IT Industry, he has performed various roles that include large-scale delivery (team size exceeding 10,000), Account Management, Pre-Sales, Engagement Initiation and Product Development.

Mallinath previously worked for Wipro, NIIT and Mphasis. In his last role, Mallinath was Chief Executive-NextAngles at Mphasis Corp where he helped develop an AI-enabled software solution for banking regulatory compliance. Mallinath is an alum of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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