Majesco Billing for P&C

A powerful enterprise insurance billing platform that digitally engages customers, enhances customer experience and improves profitability.

enterprise insurance billing software solutions

The “Age of the Customer” is shifting billing from a financial transaction to a customer-centric engagement opportunity.  Billing is increasingly recognized as a strategic opportunity to create the ideal customer experience that drives customer engagement, loyalty, and retention.  It is on the front-lines for establishing insurers as the go-to source for convenience and trust.

A modern enterprise billing platform solution foundational to achieving increased customer engagement, customer satisfaction scores and renewal rates while improving cash flow. Majesco Billing for P&C enables this by supporting all P&C lines of business through a broad array of billing types – Direct, Customer Account, Agency Statement, Agency Account Current, Wholesale, List/Payroll Deduction and Deductible Billing, among others.

And as new product and service innovations and capabilities emerge, and customer needs and expectations evolve in today’s digital age, you need to be 100% confident your enterprise insurance billing platform has the flexibility and agility to fully accommodate them.

That is the power of Majesco Billing for P&C.

Insurance Billing Platform Capabilities


Support for all bill types


Compensation management


Reporting and advanced analytics


Electronic bill presentment and payment


Portal and mobile access


Flexible configuration

Majesco Billing for P&C

Business Value Delivered


Enhanced digital customer and agent experience


Cross-selling opportunities


Support for rapid new product and service launches


Streamlined billing operations and reduced costs


Improved cash flow


Reduced daily sales outstanding


Innovative EcoSystem capabilities

Shelter Insurance developed and launched a new brand, Say Insurance, to reach and serve new markets with a digital auto insurance experience and product.  Our vision is to provide an insurance experience that is transparent, clear, respectful and useful to our customers, with billing being one of the most frequent and impactful experiences.  Majesco Billing serves as a part of the foundation of a new digital experience using cutting edge technology and our commitment to innovation.

IMT’s commitment to high-touch experience is a key reason for our selection of Majesco Billing. As a recognized leading billing solution in the market, along with implementation in the Cloud, we will be able to bring innovative new capabilities to our agents and customers to meet their increasing demands and expectations. Majesco Billing serves as a part of the foundation of a new digital experience using cutting edge technology and our commitment to excellence.

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