Majesco Insurance Data & Analytics Platform

Accelerate your transition to a data-driven organization with a powerful platform that integrates, organizes and uncovers strategic insights from internal and external data sources.

In today’s digital age, data is the fuel for innovation. Technology advances provide new sources of data that are leading to unique ways to interact with customers, evaluate risk, offer innovative products and reach customers via new channels. Yet, many insurers struggle to make full use of their own internal data assets, which exist in multiple locations and formats across the enterprise, let alone promising new data sets from emerging technologies and external sources.

With the Majesco Insurance Data & Analytics Platform, insurers can finally achieve reliable, complete access to all the data they need and leverage it to uncover new opportunities and actionable insights across the insurance value chain.

Majesco Insurance Data & Analytics Platform ingests, integrates and organizes all of your data – from traditional internal sources to new external ones – into the powerful Majesco Enterprise Data Warehouse, built on the tested and proven Majesco Enterprise Data Model. And its built-in integration with Majesco Business Analytics (MBA), similarly built on a proven insurance dimensional model, empowers business users to create, share, export, and drill down on information, liberating your data to enable root cause analysis and reveal opportunities for growth, differentiation, efficiencies and customer experience.

That is the power of Majesco Insurance Data & Analytics Platform.

Majesco Insurance Data & Analytics Platform


Complete, scalable and flexible for all data sources


Consolidates disparate data into a single source of the truth


Proven, tested support of the entire P&C insurance value chain


Built-in data quality and business validation rules


Advanced out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics


Drill down, drill through analysis & visualization

Business Value Delivered


Future-proofed framework for all your data


Shift from being report-driven to data-driven


Deeper, faster exploration of your data


Shortened time to informed decisions


Transformational insights unlocked


Secure and facilitated social collaboration


Power growth and innovation with new insights

Many in the insurance industry are still struggling with adoption of data management and analytics, within departments and across the value chain. Insurers need to capture and effectively analyze their data across all their solutions to achieve efficiencies and effectiveness, but also business optimization and innovation. This is where real business value can define competitive differentiation.

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