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The proven solution for end-to-end claims processing, Majesco Claims is a comprehensive claims management solution offering end-to-end capabilities for complete claims control. The business rules driven solution empowers claims adjusters with a high level of business configurability.

Today’s realities and tomorrow’s expectations for claims, require a modern claims solution that integrates with digital, data, and emerging technologies, enabling insurers to transform their claims process. Transformation includes the rethinking of traditional claims business assumptions and models to establish new business processes that deliver exceptional customer service, while providing options to manage or eliminate risk and cost.

Majesco Claims is a comprehensive claims management solution that has been deployed in some of the most demanding claims operations. Developed by claims experts, the business rules driven and robust configurable solution empowers claims adjusters to meet demanding claims expectations. The deep functionality and proven processes in Majesco Claims give insurance providers complete control of their claims management today and is built to incorporate emerging technologies like drones, internet of things, and virtual reality. Majesco Claims can be deployed on-premise, in a hosted model or in the cloud as a stand-alone system or a part of the Majesco P&C Suite.

Business Value Delivered:

  • Reduce claims management costs with better processing and a shortened claims lifecycle
  • Reduce loss cost with lower claims leakage and better fraud management
  • Improve underwriting quality and decision making with business rules to analyze claims history
  • Enhance customer service with reduced time to settle claims and better self service capabilities
  • Improve operational efficiency with automation of routine tasks and integrated business rules and work management

Majesco Claims capabilities:

Claims Management

Majesco Claims supports your entire claims processing and settlement cycle with all-encompassing functionality including: FNOL setup, claims setup, processing and settlement.

Fraud Management

Analyzing data from multiple sources including: social media, private records, public information and claims history, Majesco Claims has a fraud scoring mechanism to assess the authenticity of a claim and flag exceptions.

Ready Reports with Real-time Data and Advanced Analytics

Pre-configured mapping of metadata, standard reports, and dashboards; providing quick-to-value, cost-effective business intelligence, along with dashboards and reporting tools to manage the entire claims handling process.

Deployable in the Cloud

Low-TCO solution that is available either on premise or in the cloud, bundled with expert services for a true competitive advantage.

Experienced Professionals

Risk Assessment

With tie-ins with multiple data sources, early identification of claim complexity and determination of the likelihood of litigation helps to better assess the risk.

Catastrophe Management

Majesco Claims has been designed to process exceptionally high volumes of claims especially during periods of claims inflation.

Configuration Toolset

Provide both business and IT users with unrivaled rules based functionality and configurability with the configuration tools to bring a new level of autonomy to the claims administration process.

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