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Majesco Business Analytics

Majesco Business Analytics is a powerful and flexible out-of-the box P&C insurance business intelligence and analytics solution.

Majesco Business Analytics provides a robust solution that helps insurers uncover new opportunities to achieve competitive advantage. Majesco Business Analytics is an out-of-the-box business intelligence and analytics solution that reveals actionable insights across the insurance value chain for business users and executives through pre-built measures, dimensions, and KPIs, with flexibility for configuration, drill down, drill through, and drill anywhere capabilities.

Incorporating powerful functionality and a simple self-service oriented user interface to create, share, export, and drill down on information, Majesco Business Analytics liberates your data and enables business transformation opportunities through informed, timely insights. Providing ubiquitous business intelligence and analytics via a browser on a desktop, or on/off line via mobile devices such as a native iPad app.

Majesco Business Analytics differentiates itself as a robust, flexible P&C insurance business intelligence solution that delivers capabilities your organization needs via a single integrated platform. Whether deployed on-premise or through Majesco’s private or public cloud services, it can be deployed to users in hours to begin to liberate your data and business

Business Value Delivered

Empower Diversity of Use

Ease of data access and use empower all areas of the organization to improve decision making. More people within functions and across functions will use Majesco Analytics because it makes data easier to access while still ensuring data quality guardrails are in place.


Shorten Time to Insight

Dynamic, intuitive data visualization reduces time to insight and decision making. Majesco Business Analytics’ market leading visualization and presentation tool helps users to get the answers they were looking for quickly and keeps them engaged in the analytic tool set. It gets you out of world of static reports and enables ongoing visibility and decision making.

Liberate Data and Business Decisions

Instead of centralized IT control, users can access all the data they need and build their own reports. Users across the organization can consume information in the ways in which they understand, whenever they want, without waiting for IT to build their report.

Control Your Destiny, Define Your Future

Embrace industry change with the unmatched flexibility to extend business capabilities quickly to build competitive advantage. Unmatched flexibility to extend functionality by customizing your own software. This allows you to control your own destiny, build your own competitive data advantage and not wait for a multi-tenant solution.

Project Teams

Energize Social Collaboration

Galvanize team collaboration, knowledge and communication to strengthen decision making. Majesco Business Analytics enables team social collaboration to drive deeper and faster understanding of the data and next best actions. The solution drives speed of collaboration among teams by capturing today’s culture of fast communication.

Deployable in the Cloud

Low-TCO solution that is available either on premise or in the cloud, bundled with expert services for a true competitive advantage.

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