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Majesco Distribution Management

Majesco Distribution Management solution provides the flexibility to manage the growing array of channel options and complexities to effectively and efficiently manage channels with a platform that enables the mantra of “easy to do business.”

As insurance products get increasingly commoditized, the distribution landscape is where insurance providers can create and sustain a competitive edge. Distribution management solutions must enable insurers’ ability to expand to new intermediaries, new channels, and new distribution models with unique hierarchies and compensation requirements that create greater complexity in the effective management of distribution channels.

In an increasingly multi-channel world, the complexities in distribution management increase, creating some of the most demanding business needs to ensure market competitiveness. To meet those needs, a business solution has to be just as unique.

Majesco Distribution Management offers the agility and innovation to manage the complexities of a changing distribution landscape using technology that keeps the insurance provider on the leading edge by reducing the time to implement a new distribution arrangement or consolidate the existing channel landscape onto a common platform. A highly configurable platform, market ready services, intuitive user interface that is easy to integrate with insurers’ core systems, Majesco Distribution Management provides a robust distribution management platform for insurers’ business today and in the future.

Business Value Delivered:

  • Cut distribution management costs with a single comprehensive platform
  • Quickly launch and integrate new distribution channels and models
  • Identify, attract & retain top agents and channels
  • Improve agent and channel productivity with self service
  • Quickly on-board new producers and channels

Majesco Distribution Management capabilities:

Producer Lifecycle Manager

Provides insurance carriers the flexibility to manage diverse channels. From the initial application to the final contract, Producer Lifecycle Manager handles the entire appointment process.


Performance Manager

Cutting-edge technology to compare producer and channel performance by a wide range of parameters, including targeted sales versus actual sales, persistency, amongst others.

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems

Built on a services architecture, Majesco Distribution Management integrates seamlessly with existing core systems

Compensation Manager

Flexibility to manage all compensation issues with a Rules Based Commission Engine to handle flexible commission contracts and changes.

Channel Portals

Make it easy for your channel partners and customers to do business with you. Built on Majesco DigitalConnect platform, the portals gives producers real-time access to electronic commission statements, dispute resolutions and online approvals by managers for requests.


Scale new heights with a scalable platform

Designed to track the performance of thousands of agents with millions of policies, Majesco Distribution Management is tested to support over fifteen million polices for 300,000+ active producers and processes 50,000+ payouts per payment cycle.

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