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Majesco Billing

An industry leading proven solution that helps insurance carriers improve customer service and increase profitability through a flexible enterprise billing platform that provides rapid, measurable business results.

Billing is no longer a back office function. It is front and center to the customer experience. Leading insurers recognize that billing plays a key role in customer service and has become a strategic capability to facilitate self-service payments, improve customer retention, provide cross-selling opportunities to increase revenues, and distinguish the company from competitors. Majesco Billing, the industry leader in billing management, is a proven solution that helps insurance providers address these goals through a flexible enterprise billing platform that provides rapid, quantifiable business results.

With Majesco Billing, insurance providers can introduce new products, making certain that their billing system is capable of supporting the innovation. Majesco Billing supports all lines of business through an array of billing types – Direct, Customer Account, Agency Statement, Agency Account Current, Wholesale, List/Payroll Deduction and Deductible Billing, among others. Self-service capabilities are offered to both insured and agents alike.

Business Value Delivered:

  • Improve customer service to insured and agents
  • Increase efficiencies due to streamlined operations
  • Improve cash flow through better management of accounts receivables
  • Reduce daily sales outstanding
  • Gain cross selling opportunities

Majesco Billing capabilities:

Single Solution for All Bill Types

Consolidates bills for agencies and policyholders across all lines of business including P&C, L&A and Group and presents statements in a single bill. Insurers can administer all bill types including: agency bill, direct bill, list bill, deductible bill and more.

Compensation Management

Manage and disburse agent compensation with a rules based commission engine handling flexible commission contracts and changes.


Reporting and Advanced Analytics

Pre-configured mapping of metadata, standard reports, and dashboards; providing quick-to-value, cost-effective business intelligence, along with dashboards and reporting tools.

Deployable in the Cloud

Low-TCO solution that is available either on premise or in the cloud, bundled with expert services for a true competitive advantage.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Enabling self-service capabilities for agents and insureds while giving insurance providers safe and efficient control over electronic payments

Portal and Mobile Access

Enhanced customer experience and retention via Majesco DigitalConnect, a platform with mobile and portal accelerators, customer experience enablers, pre-integrated with Majesco Billing

Configuration Toolset

Empowering business and IT users with agility by providing users with unrivaled rules based functionality and configurability with the configuration tools to bring a new level of autonomy to the billing administration process.

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