Reinventing the Underwriting & Claims Process with Live Stream Video and Drones

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Presented by Denise Garth (Moderator, Majesco), Alex Kim (Speaker, DropIn, Inc.), Himanshu Patil (Speaker, Majesco)

Amazon delivery via drones. Catastrophic events that are hard to reach, like Hurricane Mathew that could benefit from Drones. Live stream video for customer engagement. Crowdsourcing capabilities like Uber. These emerging technologies provide insurers, both established and greenfields / startups with innovative capabilities to meet the rapidly changing expectations of customers.

Are you ready to redefine the underwriting and claims process with these innovative capabilities, thereby meeting your customer’s expectations? Majesco and DropIn have partnered to help Majesco customers quickly leverage these new technologies and meet new customer expectations by seamlessly pre-integrating Majesco CloudInsurer via the Majesco DigitalConnect platform with DropIn to provide best-in-class communication, claims, underwriting and engagement experience for insurance companies.

This webinar will share some recent consumer research conducted by Majesco around emerging technologies and consumer expectations for insurers and provide a detailed demo of the integrated solution between Majesco and DropIn, to provide you immediate options to address this fast growing customer expectation.

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