The New (Digital) Face of Billing: Defining Multi-Line Insurance Billing Excellence

Traditional billing methods and engagement approaches are not keeping pace with customer digital demands and expectations.

From the customer’s perspective, an insurance invoice is just another envelope (or e-bill) to toss into a basket for payment. From the insurer’s perspective, however, the billing function represents one of the greatest opportunities to engage with the customer in order to build a relationship that is both positive and long lasting.

The billing and payments function, albeit sporadic, remains the most frequent touch point with cus­tomers, agents and business partners, and as such, continues to be an important part of insurers' overall customer-engagement strategies.

The gradual shift in billing from a financial, to a customer centric, to an engagement focus can be viewed in light of the steady rise in the “Age of the Customer” culture.

In the race to embrace a new customer business model, insurers must focus on improving the services they provide, such as simplified enrollment, billing and payment functionality that will satisfy and retain the new generation of customers.

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