Core Systems Transformation: 10 Signs You’re Not Ready

Presented by Denise Garth (Moderator, Majesco), Chad Hersh (Speaker, Majesco), Sarah Bogan (Speaker, Majesco) ,Todd Eyler (Speaker, Majesco), Ben Moreland (Speaker, Majesco)

Duration 00:42:55

Leading a transformational initiative within any organization can be exhilarating, impactful and exhausting. During these expansive projects, change happens in the form of executive sponsorship, organizational changes, market landscape changes, funding, scope and technology.

It’s not surprising that many projects can lose their way and ultimately fail to meet the business objectives. How do you know that your organization is ready to embark on a transformational marathon?

In this webinar, you will learn about common signs that identify you are not ready – as well as ways to sharpen your organization’s readiness.

Hear from Majesco leaders and former industry analysts Chad Hersh, Sarah Bogan, Todd Eyler, Ben Moreland, and moderator Denise Garth as they present the 10 most common signs to watch for and mitigate in order to improve your chances for transformation success.


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