InsurTech: Energizing the Shift to Digital Insurance 2.0

It is an opportunity so compelling that recent institutional and strategic investment is reported to now exceed $22 billion, representing over 1,500 start-up companies in the phenomenon that we now call InsurTech. And the pace is not slowing down. The rise of Digital  …   Read More 

The Digital Future of Small Business Insurance

Strategic overview of the current state / future vision for Digital SMB Market and the trends & strategies driving it. Speaking: Mike Connor – SVIA | Denise Garth – Majesco | Prateek Sangal – CNA Insurance

Insurtech and the Shift to Digital Insurance 2.0

Denise Garth, senior vice president of strategic marketing, industry relations and innovation at Majesco, is back on Denim Rivet. She’s a top 50 Insurtech Influencer – and on today’s episode, she shares her thoughts on the shift to digital insurance 2.0. Our conversation  …   Read More 

Thought Leadership Billing in the Era of Digital Insurance 2.0

In the age of Digital Insurance 2.0, customer expectations and requirements are driving insurers’ strategies and decisions. Why? Because customer expectations for digital engagement are rapidly evolving due to their experiences with other industries. The demands and expectations for new, innovative products and  …   Read More 

Billing in the Age of Digital Insurance 2.0

In the age of Digital Insurance 2.0, customers’ experiences with other industries are rapidly increasing their expectations for digital engagement with all industries, including insurance. Their demands and expectations also extend beyond interaction capabilities to include new, innovative products and services such as  …   Read More 

Incumbent Insurers are from Mars and InsurTech Startups are from Venus

Access insurance cloud

John Gray’s bestselling 1992 book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus helped define relationships for a generation based on the metaphor that men and women are from distinct “planets” with their own traditions and customs. It has endured as a popular way to explain how people get along with each other. There is an interesting  …   Read More 

Leading the Way to Digital Insurance 2.0

Insurance has entered The Digital Age. New and emerging digital technologies and data sources are creating incredible opportunities for InsurTech startups and incumbent insurers. Startups and Greenfields are the first generation of Digital Insurance 2.0 companies. They are flipping the Insurance 1.0 script  …   Read More 

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