Property & Casualty

Cloud Platform

A Foundation for Today with the Future in Mind

Today’s leaders must quickly adapt to enable growth and remain competitive. With the pace of change and disruption, aligning technology with business strategies is critical. As we shift to digital insurance, replacing traditional business models with cloud-based platforms is mandatory to compete today and in the future.

Cloud Platform Solution

Keep current with key metrics including current and historical availability stats, business adoption metrics, and ServiceNow ticket status.


Receive an installation health score to ensure configurations, modifications, and version used is optimal for ongoing maintainability.

Cloud Control

Easy-to-use web interface that enhances insurance customers’ abilities to deploy, monitor, and control all Majesco SaaS applications through an intuitive, web-based portal.

API Management

Access the centralized API Management Portal – built on Azure API management – to browse, subscribe, and manage enterprise APIs

Document as a Service (DaaS)

Generate, store, and retrieve documents with high throughput capabilities across all Majesco platforms.

“We are thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with Majesco and look forward to leveraging the advanced capabilities and technologies Majesco Billing for P&C and CloudInsurer® offers. As we continue to migrate our solutions to the Cloud, we’re excited to bring our customers next-gen, digital capabilities that make their experience easier, faster and more personalized.”

Ken Russo, Chief Operating Officer of Crum & Forster’s Surplus & Specialty Lines Division


What are the challenges insurers face due to evolving risks?

Today, we are now seeing increasing environmental, societal, and technology risks that have the potential to intersect and significantly disrupt people and businesses negatively. For example, increased extreme weather events and natural disasters to rising construction costs and strained supply chains are putting many insureds at risk of not having enough insurance coverage.

What are the risk management strategies and solutions leading insurers are investing in?

Leading insurers are looking to improve risk management strategies using digital technology, to drive better business outcomes, expand market opportunities, and meet customer expectations. They are increasingly focusing their time and resources on how they can better assess risk and prevent losses to improve underwriting profitability and customer experiences.

How do you successfully reduce preventable losses, increase profitability, and strengthen your brand reputation?

Risk management, underwriting, and loss control all involve gathering and using data needed for AI/ML models to accurately assess and identify risk and manage and reduce risks by providing differentiated customer service. Advanced AI/ML enables insurers to analyze data in real-time to drive intelligent decision-making.

The Future Starts With Majesco