Utilant Launches a Self-Survey Module within Loss Control 360, Enabling Insurers to Gather Loss Control Data on More Properties

Press Release

Buffalo, NY, February 4, 2020 Utilant, the provider of the P&C insurance industry’s premier loss control survey management SaaS platform, Loss Control 360, has launched a self-survey module that enables insurance agents and policyholders to perform their own surveys on qualified risks. Self-survey is a mobile web application with an intuitive interface and step-by-step workflow built to guide the insured to complete their own survey. The user can perform the entire self-survey from their mobile device without installing an app, which is ideal for this simple one-time process. The user receives real-time communication including photo/document upload requirements, automated notifications and live data updates. Automation is triggered at the completion of the process, generating a recommendation letter and an output report. Recommendations remain open and periodic reminders are automatically sent to the policyholder until they are in compliance. “Our Loss Control 360 customers who adopt the self-survey module can anticipate a reduction in survey completion time from 14+ days down to 3 or even faster,” said Ben Holub, VP of Product at Utilant. “This is due to putting the survey completion capabilities into the hands of the policyholder and/or agent, providing them with clear instructions, and the resulting policy accuracy obtained from their participation in the process.” Insurance carriers benefit from a dramatic decrease in the overhead of survey costs and an accelerated underwriting process once the data is collected. No longer having to provide physical manpower to gather survey data on lower-risk policies allows for distributing loss control staff more intelligently as well as obtaining loss control data on a greater portion of policies and/or quotes. The Carrier’s workforce and vendor survey staff can focus on surveying more significant risks, while self-survey driven data can still be gathered by policyholders and/or agents on lesser risks, which in many cases may not have been surveyed at all. Workforce scheduling and logistical problems become reduced while an increased percentage of policies and/or quotes are being surveyed and reviewed. Automation triggered by the self-survey module within Utilant’s Loss Control 360 platform includes eligible risks being auto-detected, auto-generated risk recommendations, risk scoring assessments based on self-survey data, auto-routing of completed surveys for quality control, or auto-conversion of incomplete surveys to physical on-site surveys. “Utilant’s commitment to equipping our Loss Control 360 platform customers with the right tools to enable them to perform better and reduce their losses is evident in this self-survey module release,“ said Pat Davis, CEO at Utilant. “We have built the right automation processes and security measures into the self-survey module to enable an ease of doing business approach for those deploying the technology.” Read the press release here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/utilant_launches_a_self_survey_module_within_loss_control_360_enabling_insurers_to_gather_loss_control_data_on_more_properties/prweb16877310.htm About Utilant and Loss Control 360 Utilant’s Loss Control 360 is the “best-in-class” Loss Control Survey Management Platform for P&C insurance and survey/risk engineering companies, establishing its position as the hub for connecting insurance carrier core systems, vendor survey firms, and InsurTechs to comprehensively transform the global insurance industry workflow. The solution supports Commercial, Personal, and Specialty lines, and is deployed via a SaaS model. Utilant’s Loss Control 360 platform is used by leading Insurers and top vendor survey companies around the world. The Loss Control 360 platform helps Insurers to survey and score risks for an efficient underwriting process across all lines of commercial and residential business. A typical implementation provides positive ROI within the first year. For more information visit www.losscontrol360.com.