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Up to nearly 80 employees, Utilant preps for big move

Press Release

Feb 6, 2018, Buffalo, NY

Demand for Utilant software remains high, pushing the software company to new heights as it prepares its move to a chic, signature headquarters on Chandler Street in Buffalo.

Led by technologist Patrick Davis, it has grown from about 55 employees in late 2016 to nearly 80 employees now. And it continues to expand the scope of its operation – in terms of customers, revenue and headcount – as company executives believe there is a huge amount of untapped potential in its existing market.

"We are seeing a lot of potential for significant future growth," chief operating officer Rob Mikulec told Business First. "We are consistently creating new products and features to match that high level of potential in the marketplace."

Utilant debuted its Loss Control 360 product in 2012, helping insurance companies do everything from residential to commercial inspections. Clients are large insurance companies, which means each contract is a major infusion of business.

Utilant was accepted into the Start-Up NY tax breaks program in mid-2017, pledging to create 55 net new jobs for its inclusion in the program. The company has added about 18 employees that qualify for that program's tax breaks.

In the coming months, Utilant will soon move into a former factory on Chandler Street being renovated by Rocco Termini, increasing its space from about 9,000 square feet to about 30,000 square feet. Mikulec said the space will reflect the company's emphasis on corporate culture, with a chic and modern technology vibe.

"We really strive to have a great corporate culture and to bring the people in to match that culture," Mikulec said. "Giving the right people the right opportunity is what's allowed us to have that scalability."

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