Majesco’s Annual Employee Opinion Survey Reflect a Highly Empowered, Engaged and Inclusive Workforce

Press Release

Top rated categories included Manager Relationships, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Company Culture, Resources and Support, and Performance Management  

Morristown, NJ – November 1st, 2022 – Majesco, a global leader of cloud insurance software solutions for insurance business transformation, today announced its plans and initiatives to further elevate the employee experience based on feedback and insight from its annual Employee Opinion Survey. For a second year, Majesco has partnered with Perceptyx, an organization that specializes in employee survey and people analytics, to provide a channel for employees to share their honest opinions, thoughts, and ideas. The feedback and data from the survey is used to track trends, improvements, and prioritize changes that can help employees thrive in their career.

“It is no secret that over the last 18 months we have made significant investments to enhance the Majesco brand, expand our product portfolio, and strengthen customer and partner relationships. But we’ve also done a lot of work behind the scenes to further enrich the culture at Majesco and empower our employees,” says Adam Elster, CEO at Majesco. “Our continued success is a direct reflection of our incredible team, so investing in our employees with resources, training, and innovative benefits that help us retain and attract the best employees is always a top priority for the company.”

With employee participation at 88%, the results from this year’s survey improved with the majority of Majesco employees responding favorably across categories and surpassing the Perceptyx and Technology company benchmark data in most dimensions. Most notably, manager relationships topped the list as one of the highest rated areas with Majesco employees feeling supported by their managers both professionally and personally. Regarding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, another top-rated category, a high percentage of respondents felt the inclusive environment allowed them to be their authentic self at work. In addition to manager relationships and diversity, Majesco notes that most respondents felt encouraged and excited about the growth of Majesco and confident in the future of the organization.

“We’re thrilled with the level of participation in our Employee Opinion Survey, and excited about the positive and insightful feedback we’ve received from our employees,” says Melissa Blankenbaker, Chief Human Resources Officer at Majesco. “As a leadership team, we are eager to hear the opinions and ideas of our employee base so we can deliver on what is important and what matters most to our teams. We are creating an environment that empowers our employees to use their voice to help build a culture and environment they are excited to grow and excel in.”

Majesco’s remote-first work policy, which was put in place as a result of employee feedback from the 2021 survey, offers our employees the flexibility and empowerment to thrive both personally and professionally. The company recently announced a hiring surge of 200 employees to keep pace with market demands and business growth. It continues to attract top talent and remains committed to building a diverse team that can drive accelerated change in the industry. If you’d like to work for an organization that prioritizes open, honest and direct communication, and values your opinion, Majesco encourages you to apply for a position on their website.

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