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Exaxe launches software as a service offering

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Exaxe launches software as a service offering

Exaxe’s full product suite (Admin Plus, Illustrate Plus and Channel Plus) has been enhanced and is now available as a SaaS model.

Exaxe, the award winning specialist solution provider to the life, pensions, wealth and health sectors, today announced the availability of its Software-as-a-Service subscription based licencing model. Exaxe’s component based solutions provide full policy lifecycle support from initial fact find right through to payment of a claim. The introduction of Exaxe’s new SaaS offering will allow life and pension companies to reduce the costs of licencing Exaxe solutions and will facilitate a flexible commercial model that will allow software costs to scale in line with business volumes.

In addition, Exaxe is complementing its new SaaS service with the introduction of a cloud based software hosting service. For an additional fee, Exaxe will host the application(s) in a private cloud on the Microsoft Azure platform on behalf of the life and pension company.

Norman Carroll, CEO at Exaxe, commented, “We took the decision to offer a SaaS capability in response to customer feedback and market research we carried out over the course of 12 months. Our new offering aims to remove the headache of managing the infrastructure and applications so that our customers can spend their time innovating and developing new products instead of being tied up with endless compliance and data security issues.”

He continued, “At Exaxe, we understand that different organisations have different needs, and our solutions have been designed to support both on-premise or in the cloud deployments. We chose Microsoft as our hosting partner to ensure we can provide our customers with the highest levels of service, performance and data security.

Our new SaaS and hosting service will allow our customers to reduce costs and complexity by outsourcing the IT infrastructure and application management functions, and at the same time, guarantee the flexibility they need to respond to the changing needs of their own customers in this new digital era”.

Pricing and Availability
Exaxe is now able to offer customers the ability to choose whether to pay on a subscription basis or by the traditional licencing model.

The Exaxe SaaS offering allows life, pension and wealth companies to reduce the costs of licencing their required solutions and facilitates a flexible commercial model that allows software costs to scale in line with business volumes.

“The new Exaxe SaaS offering means that our clients will have no large upfront licence fees to worry about and will be able to avail of our transparent pricing. This is on top of the savings they will make if they choose to deploy the solutions in the cloud which, according to a study by Computer Economics, will save companies at least 15 percent on average. We can also promise shorter and less costly implementation times than our competitors”, commented Philip Naughton, Executive Director Business Development at Exaxe.

For more information on the pricing and availability of the new SaaS and hosting offerings, please visit

Exaxe products available as SaaS
Admin Plus – Getting the Best from Your Team
Admin Plus is a web-based policy administration solution for the life, pensions, and wealth management sectors. For further information on Admin Plus, please visit:

Illustrate Plus – Simplifying Complexity
Illustrate Plus is a web-based illustrations and quotations system that supports new and existing business across all products for life, pensions, wealth management, group and individual business. For further information on Illustrate Plus, please visit:

Channel Plus – The Clever Agency Solution
Channel Plus is a web-based automated solution that supports distribution and compensation management for the life, pensions, and wealth sectors across all distribution channels. For further information on Channel Plus, please visit:

For more information about the benefits of the new Exaxe SaaS offering, please visit"