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Who Wins? Goliath or David, Big or Fast?

Source: Insurance Thought Leadership - August 2016

Why did we call David an underdog? He was young and smaller, whereas Goliath was older and a giant of a man, “whose height was six cubits and a span”. Goliath was an experienced warrior, a veteran soldier, whereas David was a mere shepherd. Goliath was outfitted with modern weaponry and all David had were his shepherd’s tools.

This contrast and disparity is because there were three types of warriors in ancient times:  First, there were warriors who fought with slings and bows as lightly armored troops, forming bands of skirmishers. Second, there were the more heavily armored soldiers who formed the bulk of the infantry as foot soldiers, who fought in close-quarters combat with swords, axes, pikes and spears, such as Goliath. Lastly, there were warriors who fought on horseback as the cavalry.

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