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Generational Transitions

It may be tough to do.

When it comes to trying to predict what advising will look like a few years from now, about all anyone can say is that “past performance is not an indicator of future results.”

So, is there an upside to thinking ahead? Yes! The more we understand current trends in people, market boundaries and technology, the better we can envision their impact on future advising. In this way, we can use any trend to our advantage.

As a part of our industry research, Majesco keeps tabs on the business and technology trends that will serve the industry in the midst of change. What we have learned, however, is that new technologies are most relevant when discussed in the light of demographic and market trends. People, markets and technology are intertwined, pulling insurers forward together. Here are some of the trends that Majesco has identified during its consumer and small business research, both from original primary research and external industry studies.

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