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Core Systems and Insurtech (Part 3)

What is a digital insurer? In my previous two blog posts we dived into the digital deep end. In Part 1, we looked at what a digital insurer is and what it is not. We examined the link between customer-centricity and digital readiness, and we attempted to resolve the paradox of being an insurer that is running core systems yet wants to use agile emerging technologies and insurtech capabilities. In Part 2, we likened digital enterprise to a three-chambered fusion reactor that includes apps, content and journey. The reactor safely conducts the molecular fusion of core transactional capabilities and innovative emerging technologies and insurtech capabilities to provide exponential energy to the enterprise. We discussed apps and content, and now we are at the moment of truth — Chamber 3. We MUST design our fusion reactor to use the full power of the customer journey, creating compelling and relevant experiences. The experience is the most vital chamber of our fusion reactor for building our new digital framework. Read more

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