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Majesco P&C Solutions

Majesco P&C Insurance Solutions

Capabilities that empower innovation of new products, services, channels, and business models and help you build the future of insurance

Majesco P&C Solutions

P&C Solutions Built for Tomorrow, Ready for Today

Business demands efficiency. Today’s digital-savvy customers expect fast, convenient and simple solutions available at their fingertips. As market shifts continue to shape the insurance industry, digital platform solutions that can rapidly launch new products, easily scale and deliver frequent and seamless upgrades are key to helping organizations succeed today and tomorrow.

Purpose Built

Full life-cycle processing capabilities for all lines of P&C insurance

Data Rich

Leverage data from multiple internal and external sources to drive rapid, accurate and profitable decisions


Cloud-enabled and complete with expert services for a true competitive advantage

Digital Ready

Pre-integrated with Majesco Digital1st® Insurance platform to deliver personalized and engaging experiences that enhance customer satisfaction and enable business growth

Market Leading. Customer Centric.
Speed to Value.

A Powerful Core Suite for P&C

Next-generation core suite for P&C personal, commercial, workers compensation and new products

  • Supports all lines of P&C business
  • Foundation of ready-to-use content and forms
  • Business user configurability allowing for greater business visibility
  • Seamless, no touch, automated upgrades of software and data
  • Cloud enabled at an individual or enterprise level
  • Next-generation architecture and open standards
  • Digital ready personalization
  • Data rich to create actionable intelligence

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The Future of Loss Control is Here

Drive predictive risk insights for P&C carriers while leveraging the world’s largest repository of survey data

  • Best-in-class AI drive loss control survey management platform
  • Core & plug-in architecture for most business lines
  • Highly configurable user interface
  • Data mining & reporting
  • Form builder
  • Integration-ready
  • Output customization

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Digital Solutions

Capture market opportunities and build a sustainable, competitive advantage in today’s digital age. Accelerating digital transformation at the speed of:

  • Digital engagement applications
  • Cloud based digital insurance platform
  • Partner building ecosystem

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Optimize and Innovate at Speed and Scale