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Are You Ready for the New Customer?

Are You Ready for the New Customer?

Majesco in the News

In North America, the lack of understanding of the new customer puts $1.4 trillion of premium at risk in L&A and P&C.

In our new consumer research report, The Rise of the New Insurance Customer: Shifting Views and Expectations, we captured the views and expectations of today’s consumers in the midst of the disruption and change rapidly unfolding in the insurance industry. Insurers, MGAs, reinsurers and others must embrace this shift by understanding changes at play and accept that everything we have known about insurance was good for yesterday, but not good enough for today or tomorrow.

The trends are fueled by the insurtech movement that wants to take advantage of the disruption and by a rapid, perpetual shift in customer expectations. Our research took a deeper dive into the people component, to understand 11 key insurance industry perceptions across the spectrum of researching, buying and servicing, consumer response and the implications for the insurance industry. Specifically, the research dives into this shift with more insights on the move to digital, an expected shift by millennials and Gen Z — and highlights that Gen X is often dramatically aligning with the Millennial and Gen Z consumer behavior.

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