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IaaS and SaaS – helping Exaxe deliver on its promises

IaaS and SaaS – helping Exaxe deliver on its promises

IaaS and SaaS – helping Exaxe deliver on its promises

In 2010, we found that more and more of our time was going into supporting our internal infrastructure. Rather than concentrating on hi-tech software product development for our market, we were getting distracted by networks and servers, so we made the decision to outsource our infrastructure.

It wasn’t an easy decision, and like many companies considering it, we were wary of ‘losing control’ and being dependent upon others. However, when we considered the numerous issues involved in managing our own infrastructure it became clear that there would be a lot of benefits to having someone else deal with the problems in this area. We didn’t need to be managing business continuity, buying and installing hardware, and managing the system and the security issues around it when that was non-core to our business offering.

In 2011 we transformed our business by starting the process of getting our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This involved moving all our servers to a datacentre. This was our first step into the field. Now that we are four years into it, IaaS has turned out to be a key part of our strategy. Outsourcing our infrastructure has allowed us to concentrate on our market. Worrying about upgrades and machine replacement has become a thing of the past, and the supplier provides 24x7 monitoring of the servers, leaving us free to focus on the fast moving world of life and pensions.

Because of the simplicity of the move, we were encouraged to proceed deeper into the IaaS / SaaS (Software as a Service) world by moving to Office 365 for our mail. Again, it was painless, and gave us a high level of data security that would have cost us a lot of money to achieve ourselves. It also allows us to ramp up our licenses quickly as more employees come on board so scaling is made easy.

Overall, it is clear that it has been hugely beneficial to Exaxe to outsource our infrastructure, and let it be managed by those with the appropriate levels of expertise. Our business is stronger, better protected, and we can focus totally on our customers and their needs. This focus is imperative to giving Exaxe the edge in producing dynamic and flexible solutions for the life and pensions’ sector.

Now we are going further by licensing all our development software as a service rather than purchasing it. It makes it easier and cheaper for us to try out new tools and technologies. Research projects can be setup and dismantled without huge overhead, giving us far greater ability to try things out. Our staff has been given more flexibility as we are now making use of Microsoft’s one drive to ensure that workers have access to documents anytime, anywhere. We’re using Lync and Office 365 online to allow workers to connect to one another, to work and to collaborate from wherever they are.

I have no regrets about moving to the IaaS / SaaS model. It has freed Exaxe up to be more creative and to be more focused on giving our customers the service levels they expect and deserve. It has proven to be the best way to keep Exaxe away from the problems of non-core technology and focused on remaining at the leading edge of the life and pension’s technology industry.

Ian Dornan

Have you considered moving to an IaaS or SaaS model? Let us know in the comments below!

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