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Exaxe announces place as finalist in Software Industry Awards 2011

Exaxe announces place as finalist in Software Industry Awards 2011


Exaxe announces place as finalist in Software Industry Awards 2011

Exaxe, the specialist IT solutions provider for the Life and Pensions industry, today announces that it has reached the final stages of the Irish Software Association’s Industry Awards 2011. Exaxe has been short-listed for the Company of the Year, Sales Achievement and Technical Innovation awards.

The award ceremony will be held at the Burlington Hotel on Friday 11th November to celebrate companies who have achieved exceptional success, developed innovative technologies and partnerships and achieved significant sales results over the past year. The ISA Software Industry Awards have been running since 2007, with the winners of each category finding their businesses and projects propelled into the spotlight.

Phillip Naughton, Executive Director of Business Development at Exaxe said:

“Being selected as finalists for these awards is a great honour and is demonstrative of the hard work and dedication of our team that has brought us to where we are today. Winning one of these awards would be one step further to helping us achieve our wider vision for business growth and expansion in the year ahead.’


Notes to editors

About Exaxe 

Exaxe®, is a specialist solution provider for the Life & Pensions industry.

Established in 1997, it has implemented products and has client reference sites in Ireland the UK and the Netherlands. Exaxe markets best-in-class solutions in the areas of Illustrations, agency and commission management and policy administration.  Its Service Oriented Architecture and component based design has been key to its success.


Contacts                                                                    Media contact

Sharon McGuire                                                         Chris Tuite

Marketing Manager                                                    Rostrum Communications

Exaxe                                                                          0207 440 8673

Tel: +353 (1) 299 9100                                               07789 202 494                           



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