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Remaining competitive in an evolving marketplace requires carriers and agencies to meet modern consumer expectations, such as accelerated claim lifecycles and digital self-service.

Spend less time waiting for completed documents and extend customer coverage faster with AssureSign. Innovative functionality like eSign via Text and eSign Anywhere allow any digital device to be transformed into an eSigning platform! Whether they sign in your office on a signature pad, at home from their computer, or on vacation via text message, clients can provide a secure and legal signature for any document… any time… anywhere.

Additionally, you can provide common universal forms like policy quote requests or claim submission forms right on your customer-facing website, online client portal, or any other customer touchpoint.

Recreate your manual or digitally disjointed processes with a legal and secure eSignature process that meets the needs of both your business and clients.

  • Accelerate document execution. Close policies in minutes instead of days.
  • Streamline follow-up with automated reminders
  • Meet the demands of on-the-go customers with eSign via Text
  • Integrate your way with open and unlimited APIs
  • Leverage enterprise-grade features like brand white labeling and subaccounts