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How Well Do Insurers Understand their Customers?

It’s no mystery that an outside-in customer focus is crucial for success in today’s market, no matter what industry you are in. Achieving – and successfully executing – a customer focus results in a true win-win for a company and its customers.

But how do you achieve customer focus, when the expectations and behaviors of today's and tomorrow's insurance customers are shifting across multiple fronts, all thanks to changing demographics, new technologies and new competitors, and new products and services?

It starts with a solid understanding and alignment of your strategies with what your customers are doing, thinking, and expecting. And you can’t just react to these things as they are happening now. You must anticipate how they will evolve over time.

New InsurTech startups, Greenfields and incumbent insurers are ramping up their efforts to achieve and execute a win-win customer focus aligning to customers’ new expectations and needs – positioning them to win. The question for you is --- how closely are you aligned with what your current and future customers thinking and doing -- both consumer and small-medium business owners (SMBs)?

Majesco conducted primary research with both sides of the insurer-customer relationship to find out, so that we can help you create a win-win. Watch this webinar to learn how well insurers and InsurTechs understand their consumer and SMB customers’ behaviors and expectations, and the implications for their strategic business priorities.