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Digital Solutions

Digital Insurance Solutions

Purpose-built, digital solutions designed to improve the customer experience and optimize underwriting decisions

Digital Solutions

Digital Engagement Paves the Way

Customers continue to drive the digital shift, with changing demographics and new behaviors and expectations. Insurance operations also need to shift to digital to keep up with customers and stay ahead of competitors. In this new era of customer centricity, insurance must be digital across the entire spectrum of capabilities, from the front to the back of the insurance operation.

Innovation Infused

Rethink and innovate roles, processes and experiences with new digital capabilities that advance well beyond the portals and workbenches of the past

Data Rich

Leverage data from multiple internal and external sources to drive rapid, accurate, and profitable decisions

Digital Ready

Pre-integrated with Majesco Digital1st Insurance platform to deliver personalized and engaging experiences that enhance customer satisfaction and enable business growth

Purpose Built

Digitally enabled solutions that transform the customer experience and optimize insurance operations

Digital Solutions for the Digital Customer

Digital capabilities that help insurers engage customers and compete in this new era of insurance

Majesco Customer360 for P&C

  • Holistic view of to all policy information and coverage
  • Quick access to payment history and updates to plans
  • Easily connect to value added service providers
  • Request information on claim and payment status and damage estimates
  • Pre-integrated with Majesco Core Suite for P&C

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Majesco Underwriter360 for P&C

  • Insight driven, multi-level risk view of portfolio
  • Timely, relevant data available at the underwriter’s fingertips
  • Intelligent data ingestion and extraction with the latest technologies
  • Increased collaboration between broker/agent and underwriter
  • Streamline underwriter workflow and improve risk assessment
  • Pre-integrated with Majesco Core Suite

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Achieve True Digital Transformation of your Business