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Don’t Believe Your Own Fake News!

According to Gallup’s long-running Honesty and Ethics in Professions survey, trust in journalists over the last 40 years has seen a steady decline and is now at an all-time low. Part of the reason is the wide variety of sources available to journalists  …   Read More 

Future Of Fintech 2016 Startups: Where Are They Now?

With the Future of Fintech 2017 coming up in June, it’s the perfect time for a look back at some of the game-changing startups we featured at last summer’s Future of Fintech 2016 conference. Of the many great companies who participated, the ones below all  …   Read More 

How to Get There From Here?

To capture the flavor of the pace and magnitude of change during 2016, we wrote a series of blogs where we compared the dramatic shifts in insurance to what happened during the original Italian Renaissance. In reality, the Renaissance was an upheaval. It  …   Read More 

Embrace the Shift

February 1, 2017 — The insurance industry has not been historically known for innovation. This may be an unfair characterization – insurers have in the past been at the forefront of leveraging technology and data to uncover insights about…well, mostly risk, but it  …   Read More 

Market Trends Push Insurance Industry into Digital Age: Majesco Research

Majesco published a new thought leadership report, Insurance in the Digital Age: Transforming from Outside-In. The report highlights how the changes occurring outside and within the insurance industry are revolutionary, are rapidly shifting customer expectations and require a holistic, strategic response by insurers.  …   Read More 

Digital Strategies / Customer Journies

New research from Majesco, a consultancy providing technology solutions, products and services for the insurance industry across lines of business – Property & Casualty (General Insurance), Life, Annuity, Health, Pensions, and Group & Worksite Benefits insurance. Reprinted with permission. Visit Read more  …   Read More 

How to Lead Change (Part 2)

Change is hard work. Those who don’t think organizational change is risky and problematic should stop and put themselves in the shoes of those being affected by the change. Considering multiple viewpoints is important to successfully managing change. In reality, the only way  …   Read More 

Insurtech’s Pay-As-You-Go Promise

Even though Metromile was groundbreaking with its pay-per-mile insurance, it certainly wasn’t the first to provide usage-based cover. In fact, the earliest documented paper insurance policy, a commercial policy, was a pay-per-use policy and was dated Feb. 13, 1343. It covered 10 bales  …   Read More 

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