About Majesco

Strategic Partner of Insurers to Deliver Digital Transformation

Majesco has over two decades of experience in providing insurance platform software solutions and consulting services for the insurance industry across lines of business – Property & Casualty (General Insurance), Life, Annuity, Health, Pensions, and Group & Voluntary Benefits insurance. Our focus is on delivering business value by enabling new business models, products, and services with enhanced business capabilities for growth and innovation that deliver speed to value – speed to implementation, speed to market and speed to revenue.

Who We Are?

Majesco is a provider of core insurance platform software and consulting services to insurance carriers worldwide. Majesco delivers digital insurance software to enable business models through policy, billing, claims, distribution management, data and analytics, and digital solutions.

Majesco has been an early thought leader about the change and disruption in the insurance market.  These disruptive trends are real, and they are ushering in a new era of insurance we call Digital Insurance 2.0 that is focused on new and innovative business models, products, services and channels, as well as new approaches to customer engagement.  This new era demands agility, speed and innovation which is dramatically different as compared to that past many decades.

What Do We Do?

Majesco serves just one vertical – insurance.

We believe that for insurers to shift to a new digital era of insurance, a new technology architecture is required.  We call this “next-gen technology” that transforms modern core systems into platforms to leverage broad ecosystems and technology innovations including microservices, API, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and new data sources.  New core insurance solutions built with this new technology architecture will meet the reality and requirements of today’s business environment that is characterized by constant disruption, heavy competition and growing market demands.  This is why we have invested early in our core, cloud and digital platforms around this new technology architecture. We are the trusted partner of more than 160 insurance carriers globally spanning the entire core systems landscape.

Why Majesco?

The experience and expertise in executing complex digital transformation and mission critical programs for insurance companies worldwide is Majesco’s key strength. Majesco is committed to building strong and long-term relationships with our carrier partners. With a strong global presence across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Majesco is a platform solution partner of choice for insurance carriers worldwide.

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