Majesco Testing Services

Powerful insurance software testing solutions to enable predictable processes and costs while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

insurance software testing services

As market leaders shift to Digital Insurance 2.0 business models, their need for agility and speed rises.  And so does their need for new software testing solutions that enable speed and ensure quality standards are met. Just as today’s business solutions are modernizing and digitizing, Majesco Testing Services is at the forefront of offering new testing methods and tools to advance the quality and speed of application development, implementation, and maintenance.

With reusable frameworks and test management tools, Majesco Testing Services empowers insurers to scale the size of their testing programs with the lifecycle of their applications and projects. Using the Majesco Insurance Automated Test Framework 2.0, insurers can integrate their automation test suites with DevOps tools while expanding their automation testing capabilities. The test framework provides a unique hybrid approach, enabling rapid implementation of automation and increasing quality, cost-effectively.

Leveraging deep insurance industry experience and testing expertise and innovation, Majesco Testing Services helps insurers execute their strategic growth strategies with speed and precision.

That is the power of Majesco Testing Services.

Majesco Testing Services Capabilities


Testing for every size and type of carrier


Testing for every insurance software solution


Real-time integration with test and defect management tools


Cloud-enabled with plug-and-play capabilities


Full integration with DevOps model

Majesco Testing Services

Business Value Delivered


Modernized software test life cycle


Reduced implementation times


Lowered project costs


Increased quality

Based on the notion that agility and speed (both speed-to-market and speed of response) are capabilities inherent in today’s insurance competitive landscape, insurers need to have core systems that can manage continuous upgrades so they can innovate around other things. This means the insurer needs an overall approach to systems quality that will help them build and retain a solid foundation that will provide for that.

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