Majesco Digital Services

Invigorating customer engagement and experience on the path to Digital Insurance 2.0.

Insurance customers are changing across multiple fronts, including demographics, use of technologies, digital behaviors and increased expectations.  Savvy, innovative companies are redefining insurance from an outside-in perspective to adapt to what customers want and expect, instead of following the generations-long practice of an inside-out perspective that requires customers to adapt to the way insurance works.

As a result, these innovative companies are transforming insurance from a mysterious, confusing and difficult ordeal most would rather avoid, to a more transparent, simple and engaging experience.  These innovators are using new technology, new data, new processes, and changing market boundaries to swiftly move the industry from Insurance 1.0 to Digital Insurance 2.0.

Majesco Digital Services empowers insurance carriers to make the shift to Digital Insurance 2.0 by enabling an array of channels and unique customer journeys. From defining a digital strategy and roadmap through design and implementation, Majesco Digital Services provides the knowledge, experience, frameworks and assets to help achieve successful business outcomes in the age of Digital Insurance 2.0.

That is the power of Majesco Digital Services.


Digital Strategy – Envision the digital journey through a holistic digital strategy that guides development of your digital initiatives.


Customer Journey Mapping – Design unique customer journeys through behavior analysis, segmentation and mapping of the touch points to deliver a consistent, compelling, connected customer experience.


Digital Capability Roadmap – Construct a digital capability roadmap that guides development of digital initiatives, identifies digital solutions and defines business outcomes.


UX / UI Design and Development – Design effective processes that provide users with satisfying interactions and outcomes.


Process Digitization – Deploy digital solutions to enable and optimize business processes.

Majesco Digital Services Capabilities


Rich industry knowledge


Experienced professionals in both insurance and technology


Framework-based to accelerate design of business solutions


Asset-based to accelerate development of solutions


Outcome-focused to ensure desired business objectives

Business Value Delivered


Accelerate the shift to Digital Insurance 2.0


Enhance customer engagement, experience, satisfaction and retention


Embrace the multi-channel expectations of your customers


Optimize the business with operational efficiencies and effectiveness


Enable agility, innovation and speed to value for new products, market segments and more

Providing innovative, best-in-class digital customer engagement is crucial in today’s small business marketplace. Our continued expansion to a multi-line business on the Majesco CloudInsurer platform has been key to our growth strategy, helping us keep pace with customer demands, launch of innovative products and services and operational excellence.

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