Majesco Data Services

Powerful data strategies to unlock insights in insurance business data that fuel growth, profitability and operational effectiveness.

Insurance business data and analytics software services

More than ever, business strategies enabled by data-driven insurance and analytics software solutions are critical components in the insurance industry’s renaissance and shift to Digital Insurance 2.0.

Technological advances have made new and nontraditional sources of data available to innovative market players who are developing novel ways to interact with customers, evaluate, manage and reduce risk, offer creative new products, provide new services, identify new market segments, and reach customers via new channels.

Majesco Data Services leverages deep expertise in technology, data — both traditional insurance company data as well as new, non-traditional sources — and experience in the business of insurance to help companies achieve data mastery, empowering them to unlock growth opportunities, improve profitability and become Digital Insurance 2.0 leaders.

That is the power of Majesco Data Services.

Majesco Data Services Capabilities


Majesco Data Lakes Architecture

Majesco Data Services

Business Value Delivered


Speed to value


Data mastery achieved


Internal and external data sources integrated and optimized


New growth opportunities unlocked


Enhanced operational effectiveness and profitability

As a new start-up focused on distributing through key MGAs, our ability to leverage Majesco’s robust data offerings to rapidly enable our program business growth was a critical factor in the selection.  Our primary goal for storing and managing data from our distribution channel is to provide high quality data services and analytics back to our producers and reinsurers.  Majesco’s experience and deep understanding of both new start-ups and data management provides unique value to our efforts better enabling us to achieve this goal.  We look forward to collaborating with Majesco on this initiative and developing a long-term partnership.

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