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Majesco’s Data Services help carriers accelerate data and analytics initiatives for business operations such as claims, underwriting, policy and billing.

Insurers have been masters of data for centuries. But the digital age has ushered in dramatic changes in the types and volumes of data available as well as the tools and techniques to extract insight and real business value from that data.

Once the leaders in data-driven decisions, many insurers now find themselves behind the curve – aware of the promise and potential of these advances, but burdened with siloed internal data and dated analytic techniques suitable for limited, repeated decisions but not capable of making new discoveries or optimizing business decisions.

Acquiring those capabilities and realizing their benefits requires significant organization-wide changes – a transformation. Majesco knows the journey well and has helped many insurance companies achieve significant success through our Majesco Data Services offerings:

  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Data Migration & Conversion
  • Data Science / Predictive Modeling

Business Value Delivered

Insurance-Led Data Science

With our deep insurance experience and insurer-bred data science expertise we make sure you have the right types and amount of internal and external data needed to achieve your business objectives

Results Rule and Method Matters

We help you to operationalize your new tools/models and set up governance processes to ensure their effectiveness is optimized

Build a Data Mastery Organization

Know with precision what data you have, where it is and how to employ it. We help you see clearly the opportunities that lie ahead, and chart the right course to achieve business optimization through the effective use of data


Roadmap of Endless Opportunities

We help you develop a roadmap that identifies your opportunity destinations and how to get there successfully

Asset-Based Capabilites

Ready-to-Use Data Assets and Tools

Skip dozens of unnecessary steps and move quickly to action. Our out-of-the-box reporting and dashboards are, quite simply, some of the best and most intuitive in the industry. And we help you quickly build and operationalize your own powerful analytics, visualizations and predictive models


Harness the Power of Prediction

Achieve a holistic picture of the expected impacts of business decisions so you can expertly anticipate and manage the reactions of your stakeholders

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