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Strategy Enablement

From strategy through execution.
Anticipate, assess, strategize and plan for the changes and disruption in the insurance industry.

Many insurers — even market leaders — are increasingly challenged to possess the requisite broad-based strategy insights and skills needed to adapt and get ahead of the changes. Insurers need agility to adapt with ease, innovation to reimagine the possibilities, and speed to respond and seize opportunities. More than ever, insurers’ agility, innovation and speed will influence their growth, relevance and competitive position today and into the future. Majesco’s Strategy Enablement helps insurers have a clear vision and roadmap to gain competitive advantage.

Target Operating Model

Areas of Strategic Focus and Capabilities

Target Operating Model

Define how to efficiently and effectively operationalize your company’s vision and business strategy through the right combination of technology and data assets, business processes, and organizational structure and staffing. Then create strategies to enable each of these critical components:

  • Process Strategy – Define business process details including decision points, complexities, and interdependencies; identify over/under-engineered processes, pain points and immediate improvement opportunities.
  • People Strategy – Define the appropriate roles, responsibilities and skillsets and optimal deployments of people to ensure effective and efficient execution of the operating model.
  • Technology Strategy – Develop an information technology strategy that is an agile, effective and efficient operation that aligns to corporate strategies, enables innovation, creates a cohesive digital experience for all stakeholders, leverages the growing sources of data within and outside the organization and is responsive to changing market dynamics.

Majesco Strategy Enablement Business Value

Strategy Enablement

Unique strategies and solutions informed by extensive practice

The opportunities, challenges and priorities facing each company change regularly based on the state of the market. Off-the-shelf, repetitive solutions aren’t enough to optimize the results you need. Majesco’s unique ability to know when different approaches will work and when they won’t ensures you get solutions exactly right for your priorities.

Road Map

Strategy moved from paper to practice

We help you take strategy from a concept or a wish list to a concrete roadmap that will guide your company to success.


Outstanding value

Majesco’s strategy consultants bring unsurpassed expertise and creativity in insurance and technology to the table. Our hands-on and practical approach is accessible but also achieves industry-leading results.


Deep expertise applied to diverse business challenges

Majesco strategy enablement covers all perspectives by taking a holistic view of your company and a detailed view of its specific challenges and opportunities. We help you optimize the critical components needed to propel your company to success.


Confidence through completeness and clarity

Significant opportunities often require significant change. Majesco’s strategy enablement approach ensures every objective, step, cost, and the timeline to get you there is rock solid, so you can move forward with complete confidence.

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