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M&A Integration

Helping insurers deliver business value, whether for entire companies or books of business.

Mergers and acquisitions, whether for entire companies or books of business, when effectively executed can deliver significant business value and provide a platform for growth. Majesco’s M&A integration services help you strategize, define and execute an integration plan that takes into consider people, process and technology to maximize the business value.

M&A Integration

Majesco worked with a broker dealer in the L&A space to assist with multiple acquisitions. Through a review of technology due diligence including adequacy of budget, state of technology, and integration activities required post-acquisition, we provided post-acquisition assistance, which enabled the client to leverage outside expertise on an as needed basis.

Majesco has worked with a P&C client who had numerous acquisitions over the past 18 years by providing acquisition planning and integration that created significant hard cost savings. The strategy and integration, data conversion and system consolidation work enabled their growth from $450M to over $20B.

M&A Integration Business Value

Program Management Specialists

Integrating organizations, processes or books of business requires unique skills and capabilities beyond the operations-focused expertise of your employees to ensure successful outcomes and that your current operations run smoothly during the transition.

Experienced Professionals

Industry Insiders with an Outside-In Perspective

Our teams consist of industry professionals that understand, have managed and improved all elements of property and casualty and life/annuity insurance businesses, but who will also bring a fresh outside-in view to your unique business challenges.

Strategy Enablement

Outstanding value

Our strategy consultants bring unsurpassed expertise and creativity in insurance and technology to the table with a hands-on and practical approach that is accessible and achieves industry-leading results.

Deep M&A Expertise, Broad Range of Services

Our business transformation and integration experience enables companies of all sizes and lines of business to achieve their objectives, from managing the entire integration process to leading pre-planning due diligence efforts to properly determine the size and scope of integration initiatives.

Experienced Professionals

The mix of professionals that service our insurance clients have decades of experience in both the insurance business and the specific technologies used by our clients.

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