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Compliance Enablement

Enabling insurers to operationalize new and emerging compliance regulations.

Meeting the fast-paced compliance and regulatory changes like Solvency II and others requires a greater degree of business and compliance assessment than ever before. Majesco helps you assess and understand the full spectrum of these changes and develop plans to operationalize them quickly and effectively.

We understand the “why’s” behind compliance and have extensive experience translating legal requirements into practical, executable prescriptions for your data, technology, applications and processes to ensure compliance.

  • State regulations: ongoing changes as well as fundamental state regulation overhauls
  • Solvency II: Actuarial applications and financial reporting requirements
  • IFRS: Ensuring you have the granularity of data to meet required reporting standards
  • eSignatures: Ensuring that eSignatures are immutably connected with the correct records

Majesco Compliance Enablement helps ensure your company enjoys worry-free, consistent adherence to all regulatory and compliance requirements.

Compliance Enablement Business Value

Develop a clear view of your readiness

Obtain a clear assessment of your organization’s readiness for, and compliance with, all regulatory changes and requirements across your systems and processes.

Accelerate the realization of enabling technology benefits

Confidently deploy enabling technologies, like e-Signatures, that improve competitiveness, differentiation and ease-of-use, without adding risk or compromising standards.

Put the power of compliance in the hands of your experts

We can design and build applications that enable non-technical professionals to make changes to forms and rules, ensuring rapid compliance without dependence on technology workstreams.

Take your confidence to a new level

We help ensure your data granularity, systems and applications are all at the right level to ensure you meet all reporting and audit requirements. You’ll have exactly what you need at all times to be completely confident.

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