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Achieving strategic business vision through effective business transformation. Maximizing people, process and technology investments to enable agility, innovation and speed.

With the pace of change and disruption in the insurance industry, business transforma­tion is more critical than ever. It also makes aligning technology with business strategies increasingly complicated and difficult. Majesco has honed years of insurance industry experience and forward looking thought leadership into disciplined, yet highly innovative, thinking and approaches to help insurers successfully plan and navigate their business transformation journey.

Majesco Business Transformation addresses the entire insurance business to drive efficiency, effectiveness, optimization and innovation. Leveraging our in-depth Majesco Business Transformation Framework, we enable insurers to define, manage and implement organization, process and technology changes across the enterprise.

Majesco Business Transformation provides you:

Knowledge: The depth and breadth of our insurance expertise helps customers uncover the oppor­tunities and challenges facing them—particularly those with layers of legacy technology. Using our agile insurance business management processes, we help reduce cycle times and deliver quick-to-market solutions.

Transformation: Using an informed focus on your business objectives, people, processes, technology and data, we leverage unique insurance business management processes to deliver immediate advan­tages to your business, while considering the implications of future technologies to ensure continued business value throughout the transformation journey.

Results: Leveraging our thought leadership and experience in market dynamics, technology trends and people, we help insurers achieve tangible results and significant industry breakthroughs. Using a blended team approach with broad market experience across North America, London Market, Europe and Asia Pacific, we enable our customers to dictate – instead of reacting to – changes to the game that result in competitive advantage.

Majesco Business Transformation Business Value:

Remove the mystery about how your company really works.

Identify in detail all of the connections, data flows and work flows, and the inevitable bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are costing you money and reducing quality. You’ll quickly understand the priorities needed for achieving your company’s transformation objectives.

Arrive at the future state with no baggage from the past.

With large scale transformations it’s far too common for a handful of critical details to slip through the cracks, only to surface again when major changes have already been made. This leaves you with the painful choice between costly rework or living with a compromised, sub-optimized business model. With Majesco’s Business Transformation approach no details are missed so you’ll never have to make this painful choice.

Rest easy with a detailed itinerary.

Master every detail of the current state and future state of your organization, and the journey with each transition phase required to get you there. Know exactly what to expect at each phase of the transformation journey …all laid out in an interactive, customizable and extremely intuitive visual plan accessible in real time to anyone in the organization you choose.

Accelerate your future state design.

Benefit from our deep experience with hundreds of detailed business processes that have proven their effectiveness in real-world applications in other insurance companies. We help you leverage this proven experience to get a head start on the blueprint for your transformation.

Design for the future state and future possibilities.

We help you see what is, what should be, and what could be. And we ensure your processes, technology and data are set up to quickly adapt to take advantage of opportunities that open up in the future.

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