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Expertise in technology, data, transformation and the business of insurance to deliver optimum outcomes.

Majesco Consulting

At Majesco, we’re fluent in insurance and technology, which means improved efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and success in all aspects of business. We have serviced every aspect of the insurance value chain and in every operational area. This experience enables us to bring outstanding value to your company faster. We have helped insurance companies successfully transform their businesses by leveraging our ability to understand, collaborate, recommend and implement solutions.

Consulting Offerings and Focus Include:

Majesco Strategy Enablement

From strategy through execution. Anticipate, assess, strategize and plan for the changes and disruption in the insurance industry.

Majesco M&A Integration

Realize the full business value of mergers and acquisitions, whether for entire companies or books of business.

Majesco Process Optimization

Maximize your target operating model for improved business results.

Majesco Business Transformation

Achieve your strategic business vision through effective business transformation that maximizes your people, process and technology investments.

Majesco Compliance Enablement

Understand and effectively operationalize new and emerging compliance regulations.

Majesco Consulting Business Value:

Experienced Professionals

Industry Knowledge

Our teams consist of industry professionals that understand, have managed and improved all elements of property and casualty, life and annuity and group insurance businesses.

Asset-Based Capabilites

Asset-Based Capabilities

We have invested in assets and frameworks that provide significant ability to accelerate solutions to market. Some examples are: Majesco Business Transformation Framework, Data Models, Majesco Business Analytics, Majesco Digital Framework and Majesco Testing Frameworks.


Hands-On Experienced Leadership

The entire executive team has extensive experience in insurance and is involved in every engagement.

Project Teams

Experienced Professionals

The mix of professionals that service our insurance clients have decades of experience in both the insurance business and the specific technologies used by our clients.

Industry Knowledge

Outcome-Focused Project Teams

Our standard engagement approach establishes focused objectives at the outset of each effort and project. This is an essential component in our project methodology that drives the teams toward achieving the critical project outcomes.


Demonstrated Flexibility in Approach

Our approach positions our clients for success using blended teams.

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