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Majesco Global IQX Productivity

Drive Growth Strategies

Intelligent self-service portals meet the growing customer demand for real-time access to benefits information. Majesco Global IQX Productivity enhances holistic customer experience while increasing business productivity and internal communication.

Optimize Quote Times

Drastically reduce quote turnaround time during peak periods. Carriers, agents, and brokers can leverage Quick Quote & Express Quote to rapidly spin up quotes using census data and pre-configured plan designs.

The IQX Broker Portal, directly integrated with the underwriting workbench, offers a secure interface for external partners to send quotes to underwriting and generate proposals.

Transform the Customer Experience

Seamlessly upsell and cross-sell voluntary benefits to individual plan members via our Employee Self-Service Portal.

Step-by-step instructions and a friendly UI make enrollment a breeze. Enrollees can connect their health scores (e.g. Fitbit) to receive discounts, improving customer satisfaction.

Majesco Global IQX Components

Majecso Global IQX Component

Optional components to further transform the employee benefits business.

Majecso Global IQX Intelligence

Extend the capabilities of our components with artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

Broker Portal

This dynamic rules-based Broker Portal can automate quoting, proposal generation and the enrollment process to maximize service, entitling agents with appropriate permissions for end-to-end sales cycle automation from lead generation to proposals. Customized views, branding and template plan designs allow agents and brokers to quote quickly and easily.

Insurance companies can track, review, and modify quotes from their channels and view analytics for reporting on channel activity, pushing back data to a CRM tool if used. The results are efficiency, decreased costs, improved service and increased revenues.

Quick Quote & Express Quote

Our Quick Quote, in five clicks or fewer, is designed to significantly reduce quote turnaround time during the request for proposal process. With the Quick Quote UI, carriers can import census data and generate quote options based on preset plan packages (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). This process can produce accurate quotes in only five clicks.

Express Quote is another method of generating Quick Quotes using a point-and-click, à la carte approach. Users can select benefits from different templates, enabling quick and configurable plan design that calculates rates in seconds. With a single click, users can submit their Express Quote to underwriting, speeding up the sale.

Carriers can optionally toggle the AI Recommendation Engine’s suggestions as part of their Express Quote if the Recommendation Engine is included with their implementation.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Our fully secure online employee self-service portal provides anytime access to clients and employees, with the ability to select extra worksite benefits for upselling capabilities as well as completing the enrollment process. Employees can adjust coverage options, complete medical questionnaires if required, and adjust beneficiary information through a modern and on-brand interface.

Built-in user-friendly medical questionnaires offer a clear and frictionless method for plan members to apply for additional benefit options. Upon submission, these questionnaires are automatically transferred to our Individual Medical Underwriting component for underwriting approval.


What is an innovative solution to better the customer experience?

Developing a mobile app for customers. The average insurance customer spends three and a half hours on mobile devices per day. In a mobile-first world, insurers are investing heavily in responsive design and native apps to improve connectivity with customers. Crafting a compelling customer experience design is crucial.

What are some goals in digital transformation to meet shifting expectations?

We have identified five key goals that carriers should pursue to meet evolving customer expectations. They are as follows: Frictionless Quoting, Automated Renewals, Intelligent Workflow, Give Census Data Superpowers, and Improved Onboarding & Self-Service.

How can a carrier win in the next enrollment season?

Employees will likely spend more time reviewing their benefits whenever they happen to be up for renewal. They’ll demand increased speed and personalization from their benefits providers. Carriers that can successfully implement AI across quoting, rating, enrollment, and onboarding will find their organizations in a strong position to compete and win in the “new normal”.

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