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Digitally Draw Properties Quickly and Easily

RapidSketch is a digital diagramming tool used to quickly and easily draw residential and commercial properties. Often used by Appraisers, Insurance Inspectors, and Real Estate Agents, RapidSketch is used to create accurate floor plan layouts and instantly calculate square footage. RapidSketch is also beneficial for companies that need to provide their clients with professional diagrams quickly and easily.

Mobilize and Digitize Your Inspectors

RapidSketch may be attached as a form to any existing inspection within Majesco Loss Control and opened on any device. This gives your field staff the ability to create sketches during their site visits. After an inspection is completed, pass key fields and the diagram back into Majesco Loss Control and into your underwriting reports.

Usage and Integration Options

RapidSketch is available for download and purchase for individual users. We also have multiple integration options available for those companies looking to add sketching to their existing software system.

A Version to Fit Your Need

Whether you need RapidSketch for Windows Desktop, your website, or your mobile device, we have you covered.

Insurance Solutions

Loss Control

Best-in-class AI driven loss control survey platform, purpose-built to drive intelligent risk insights.

Guide Stream

Virtually guide policyholders to collect critical information and optimize underwriting decisions.

Premium Audit

The All-In-One Loss Control Solution for Premium Audit Surveys.

Quickly Diagram and Validate Square Footage for Replacement Cost Purposes

Deploy the most intuitive and user-friendly diagramming application for your residential or commercial lines needs.

A Single Platform Appraisal Sketching Tool

With easy to learn features and integration options for all the industry standard appraisal software packages, you can focus on what really matters – completing appraisals efficiently.

Efficient Sketching Tools for Assessors

With easy to learn features and integration options for your CAMA system, you can be up and running in no time.


What is a sketching tool?

A sketching tool allows insurance professionals to draw floorplans of houses and buildings to determine the square footage for replacement cost purposes. It also allows them to document and label any other exposures located on the property.

Who can use RapidSketch as a sketching tool?

RapidSketch can be leveraged by Appraisers, Insurance Inspectors, Real Estate Agents, Exterminators, and more.

What is a Loss Control Platform?

A loss control platform manages the entire loss control survey process on insured properties. This includes ordering, assignment to field-staff, quality assurance, underwriting, and recommendation follow up. Survey reports, and recommendation letters are generated for underwriters and insureds and this data can be kept in the platform as a system of record.

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