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Life Core Systems Transformation: 10 Signs You’re Not Ready

Strategic Priorities: Innovating with Urgency

If it were possible to take a time-lapse video of an industry, insurance would be fascinating. Think of all that…
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Chasing the Leader or Innovating to Stay Ahead?

It’s the relay-runner’s frequent nightmare. No matter how fast you seem to be running, you can’t catch up. Or, sometimes…
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Future Trends: Market Boundaries Reshape the Industry

The year is 1959. Neuroscientist and psychologist, Bela Julesz tests the ability of the brain to perceive images in 3D.…
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Sales Performance in “3D” Utilizing Digital, Distribution and Data

When Tom Sawyer saved himself some work by convincing the young boys of Hannibal, Missouri to paint his fence for…
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Platforms on Purpose: Majesco’s Push for Launch-Ready Insurance Systems

Every great idea must have an effective implementation framework. This is the core value proposition of insurance technology. Even the…
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Platforms Allow Insurers to Engage With Valuable Ecosystems

Those who have known me for years, know that I was an introvert growing up until I was a junior…
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Digital Demand: Majesco’s Version 11 for Core Suites Delivers on Digital Transformation

The rise of InsurTech has brought hundreds of real and potential insurance innovations to the industry. Some of them are…
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Myth Busters: “Insurance Systems — Are they like Rubik’s Cubes?”

Remember the Rubik’s cube?  We all had to have one and we all tried to solve it. It is regarded…
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The Future of Insurance – Limitless Possibilities

Wow. Wow. And Wow! The ideas and limitless possibilities that are taking hold and reshaping the future of insurance were…
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