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Unpaid Job Protection, Paid Sick Time and Paid Family and Medical Leave

The leave landscape is incredibly complex and ever-changing. With paid leaves, unpaid leaves and laws at the federal, state and municipal level, the complexity oftentimes leaves those responsible for managing leaves feeling insecure of their decisions.

For the past two years, we have conducted a Knowledge Gap survey in a continued effort to understand and track employees and managers' understanding of state and federal leave programs. Based on these results, it’s clear that employees and managers alike struggle to understand the basics of state and federal leave options, and even those responsible for administering it, don’t quite understand it.

This confusion highlights the opportunity to improve compliance through training, education or a system to automate leave eligibility based on built in rules, to provide leave managers with a better understanding of the different leave of absence laws.

To support this effort, this reference guide was developed to provide leave managers with a better understanding of:

  1. The different types of leave available
  2. The key features of each leave type
  3. Considerations for employees when taking leave