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The Perils of Short-termism

There was a Dilbert cartoon many years ago in which a new “bungee” boss started.  In the second frame, the…
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Digital Demand: Majesco’s Version 11 for Core Suites Delivers on Digital Transformation

The rise of InsurTech has brought hundreds of real and potential insurance innovations to the industry. Some of them are…
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Myth Busters: “Insurance Systems — Are they like Rubik’s Cubes?”

Remember the Rubik’s cube?  We all had to have one and we all tried to solve it. It is regarded…
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Current and Future State: Burning Platform or On the Back Burner?

It isn’t an overstatement to say that platforms are changing our world. We are living lives that are far more…
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What is a Platform? Expert Opinions and Insurer Actions

In 1765, Philadelphia physician John Morgan announced that he would no longer practice surgery or drug dispensing, choosing instead to…
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Exploring the DARQ side

The insurance industry was slower than most to adapt to the digital era, but it is making up for that…
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Weaving Today’s Threads to Build a New Future of Insurance

I love history. It is rich with ideas and insights.  One of those things I love are tapestries.  Tapestries have…
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The Future of Insurance – Limitless Possibilities

Wow. Wow. And Wow! The ideas and limitless possibilities that are taking hold and reshaping the future of insurance were…
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Who’s afraid of GDPR?

Privacy didn’t feature in any aspect of law until the latter half of the twentieth century.  From the original census…
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Cloud-based solutions for cloud-based problems

There was a time when we only associated flooding with the depths of winter.  Milder, wetter summers gave way to…
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