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Hurricanes, Hail and Humans: Can Customer-Engagement Save Claims?

Tornado season has arrived and hurricane season will be following.  This follows a winter and spring of numerous weather-related catastrophic…
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Digital-First Customer Engagement: The Gateway to Opportunity

Many large employers use employee benefit packages as part of their approach to reward their employees and keep them motivated. …
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The Future of Insurance: Convergence 2019 Captures Pictures of the Future

Several weeks ago, the world was treated to a scientific mega-discovery — an image of a black hole at the center…
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Will auto-enrolment work?

Tom Murray, Head of Product Strategy LifePlus Solutions at Majesco questions whether auto-enrolment will ultimately succeed in ensuring individuals have…
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The Future and Insurance Meet in Savannah

History meets the future in Savannah, Georgia at Majesco’s Convergence 2019.   Steeped in history from its beginning in 1733 when…
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Customer Engagement Starts Here: Measuring Trends in the Insurance Experience

For several years now, Majesco has been discussing the most crucial question insurers have on their plates. “How easy is…
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Finding the Business Model that Fits the Customer of the Future

Netflix was born in 1997 as a new old company. Even at its inception, Netflix founders realized that its mail…
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Customers are Ready for an Insurance Makeover

Everyone knows Toms Shoes – and you likely have a pair or more in your household.  I know we do! …
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Actuarial Post: The Ecosystem of Trust

ACTUARIAL POST: THE ECOSYSTEM OF TRUST This article was originally commissioned for Inner Workings, a monthly column written by Tom…
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Four Consumer Trends That Will Demand New Insurance Business Models

Remember back when the customer was king or queen? The idea that the customer was always right and hence, deserved…
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