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Tom Murray is Head of Product Strategy for LifePlus Solutions at Majesco.

The Perils of Short-termism

There was a Dilbert cartoon many years ago in which a new “bungee” boss started.  In the second frame, the…
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Exploring the DARQ side

The insurance industry was slower than most to adapt to the digital era, but it is making up for that…
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Who’s afraid of GDPR?

Privacy didn’t feature in any aspect of law until the latter half of the twentieth century.  From the original census…
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Cloud-based solutions for cloud-based problems

There was a time when we only associated flooding with the depths of winter.  Milder, wetter summers gave way to…
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20/20 vision is needed to help you see your future

In the words of Heraclitus of Ephesus, a Greek philosopher from the 5th century BC, “There is nothing permanent except…
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Income Protection – more a service than a product

Income protection has always been the Cinderella of the protection product family – always left at home when the others…
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Creating true robo-advisers

The FCA would be well-advised to embrace automation in the advice sector when it comes to its review of the…
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Digital-First Customer Engagement: The Gateway to Opportunity

Many large employers use employee benefit packages as part of their approach to reward their employees and keep them motivated. …
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Will auto-enrolment work?

Tom Murray, Head of Product Strategy LifePlus Solutions at Majesco questions whether auto-enrolment will ultimately succeed in ensuring individuals have…
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